Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th, 2022

Full Moon in Virgo on March 18th, 2022

Full Moon in Virgo

Hey there Lucid Fam! As we descend into the first few weeks of March, you're most likely noticing the changing weather, flowers blooming, and the first signs of spring. And for others you might still be seeing a decent amount of snowfall. Such is the duality of nature with the Full Moon in Virgo and Pisces season. Thus it's a good time to harness all the practical qualities of Virgo to balance out the emotional, artistic vibes that Pisces is bringing us right now. While we might want to continue the easy, laid back behavior of Pisces as we wait for sunnier months, our inner Virgos compel us to be grounded, thoughtful, and to accomplish those tasks we might be ignoring. This transitory period of March is the perfect time to assess our needs, goals, and issues in our daily relationships with loved ones and friends. It is time to combine our caring nature while honing our focus on the future.

Full Moons are usually good times to take stock of what's been bothering us, and how we can enact the change to solve those problems. Difficult moments with spouses, partners, and best friends might be consistent themes in your life right now. Financial or job related woes might also be rearing their heads a bit. With the intuitive Virgo mindset we're inheriting from this Full Moon, we can stop for a moment and look past the needless stress we might have been creating for ourselves. It is time to be both introspective about our personal issues while also being compassionate. Helping others, providing support, and stability during rough times is a trait we can all benefit from with Virgo.

Of course, the Pisces energy in the air means we're still daydreaming. working and fantasizing about the future. It is good to have those broad horizons, an open mind will lead to greater possibilities. Yet, the inward looking Virgo will anchor those wild ambitions with a dose of reality and wisdom. We can consult the major arcana and learn from Virgo's symbolic twin, the Hermit. This wise sage advises us to continue that soul searching with his lantern held high, forcing the uncertainties and darkness aside. In combination with Pisces' major arcana card, the whimsical and dreamy Moon. which propels us to keep traveling under that ever giving lunar light. Just like March which roars in like a lion and gently leaves like a lamb, these signs might be polar opposites yet those contrasting qualities definitely are a blessing in disguise and we can thank the full moon for that.


Product of the Week!

Mushroom Maiden is the salt we want to work with during this Full Moon in Virgo! This soothing salt soak has a beautiful Garnet crystal inside to help keep your energy grounded and stable while connecting to the earth. Garnet is great for working with your Root Chakra and Virgo's energy is earthy and grounding so this crystal is perfect for working with this full moon's energy! 

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