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Lunar Witch Bath Bomb in a Bag


Our Lunar Witch Bath Bomb in a Bag is hand-crafted in dedication for our Night Mother and her ever-changing face, guiding us through life’s tides and dream’s deep seas. Lunar Witch is fragranced with soothing lavender to purify our waters, luck-bringing ylang-ylang to attract wish-granting spirits, and tonka beans for fulfillment and happiness. Lunar Witch is the sultry and floral goddess of the night sky, transforming our bath water into our sweetest lucid dreams for an unforgettable dreamy bath. 

Each Lunar Witch bath bomb is embedded with a Citrine crystal, for its strong fiery energy. Everything about this stone emanates positivity and joy.

**This 12 ounce bag is good for 2-3 baths!**

Directions: Pour the magic into running hot water to watch the color explosions of mystic purple, midnight blue, and shooting stars of yellow! 

Ingredients: Natural Sodium Bicarbonate, Organic Citric Acid, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil, Cream of Tartar (Potassium Bitartrate), Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Therapeutic Epsom Salt, Fragrance (Phthalate Free), Blue 1, Red 33, Mica, Biodegradable Glitter (Plastic Free)



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