Rhiannon Bath & Body Oil

All your life you’ve never seen a woman, taken by the wind” - Stevie Nicks

Rhiannon is the strong-willed woman of the Otherworld, enchantress of horses, and an ancient Welsh witch. Famed for her political ingenuity, wisdom, and beauty, she rejects her betrothed and marries for love, bearing a hero. She appears as a brilliant golden woman,  riding a colossal white steed, crowned by her mystical birds of great healing powers that could awaken the dead with their song. Rhiannon is a symbol of feminine divinity, individuality and choice. She was pursued by kings that couldn’t catch her. She is the lady of the night that brings the sun back to the sky. She is the dream of sublime love that is realized. Rhiannon endures her hardships with grace and courage, always finding a way to bring back the light. She rings like a bell through the night, wouldn't you love to love her?

Rhiannon is fragranced with an enchanting mixture of orange flower, a symbol of committed love, water lily, to elevate the mind, and hydrangea, grown in the garden to protect the home and heart. 


Customer Reviews

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Worth every penny!

Scent is fantastic, the feeling it leaves on your skin afterwards is heavenly! All the oils are a must try!! Last a long time and you will smell amazing all day long. Will be purchasing again ❤️❤️


This bath & body oil smells so nice! The scent lingers, light but there, as the oil moisturizes and leaves you felling so smooth. I love it.

smells so good

smells so good & love the way it shines on freshly shaved legs lmao!!

Floral and Feminine

I keep coming back to these oils, I add them to my baths, rub them on like sparkly body oil and enjoy the feminine treat!

Perfection 🤩

Rhiannon is so absolutely perfect, I don’t even know how to begin to describe her! I’m a sucker for anything with orange blossom in it, but this body oil takes the cake! It’s definitely one of my most worn from my personal collection 🥰