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The Dryad Coconut Milk Bath


The Dryad is scented with a complex blend of natural oils derived from lemon and lime trees, cucumber vines and bustling bushes of spring growth in the tuberose and rose blooms. The Dryad is a symbol of nature and innocence, a blushing new orchid unfolding on the branch.

Hidden inside of the bag holds a Rainbow Moonstone crystal, best known for enhancing creativity, strengthening psychic perception, and bringing the holder inner confidence. ✨

The Dryads, nymphs of the trees, are shy and elusive creatures. Dryads are often long-lived and especially tied to their homes. They are handmaidens of their trees, an integral part of the tree’s life, so much so that if a dryad’s tree were to die by malicious hand, she would perish also. 

Nymphs are essential branches growing on the living trees of pantheons. They aid gods, befriend goddesses, and are dutiful to the buds, flowers and the ever-changing wills of nature. Their celestial spirits are what animate and maintain the natural world. Beloved by many, Nymphs generally try to avoid people, both human and divine. In keeping their own company, these mystical women are often able to evade objectification from those around them. She may be beholden to her tree, but she answers to no man. 

Lime is an oil of power. It encourages control, lust and travel protection. 

Lemon is a purifying force. It has anti-aging properties, and can be added to self care spells to cleanse the skin. Sacred to the moon, lemon oil can be rubbed on white candles when questions of love arise. 

Cucumber oil anoints the temples to calm the mind, and slices are eaten on a new moon to recharge the physical and spiritual body.

Tuberose was sacred to the healing women of the Aztec. Anointing the body with oil has a calming effect, and anointing pink candles can heal the heart.

Rose is a cult favorite flower. It attracts love and success. Use white roses for cleansing, yellow roses for friendship, red roses for passion, and pink roses for desire. 

Open the bag and pour the magic directly under running hot water. Sit back and relax while the bubbles arise. Watch the colors blend together and swish the water around to see The Dryad's full effect! 

• Net Wt. 5 oz Small Bag (1-2 baths)

• Net Wt. 12 oz Large Bag (3-4 baths)

• Net Wt. 18 oz Extra Large Bag (4-6 baths)

**All of our products contain herbs and essential oils. Please consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from a health condition.** 

Sodium Bicarbonate,  Organic Citric Acid, Coconut Milk Powder (contains zero milk protein = 100% Vegan), Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Fragrance (Phthalate Free), Propylene Glycol, Fluorphogopite, and Mica

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