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Angel Aura Titanium Quartz Crystal Heart

$80 $90

This big and dreamy angel aura titanium quartz crystal heart is looking for a special home! It is a truly stunning and one of a kind crystal with an aura coating that is very vibrant and colorful. Hand cut and polished in Brazil.

 Angel Aura Titanium Quartz is a high-energy crystal that can remove the creative blockages in your personal energy fields. It will also help you see and interpret auras, activate your Third Eye, and support you in your psychic activities.

*Also known as the Stone of Astral Journeys, which means it’s the perfect tool for out of body experiences. Be sure to pair it with our Astral Projection Coconut Milk Bath!


Weighs 638 grams


Please note all crystals look slightly different due to color variations with phone and computer monitor settings. 

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