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111 "Intuition" Bath & Body Oil

111 "Intuition" Bath & Body Oil

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Earthy myrrh and musky, woodsy frankincense will hone your thoughts and provide the mental strength to undercover life’s mysteries and make your skin radiate.

Infused with psychic drawing rainbow moonstone crystal chips to help hone in on your intuition.

Why It's Special

💧Squalane Oil (Olive Based) - Research shows that while we are young, there is sufficient amount of squalane in our skin. As we age, this level drops and is not enough to maintain young and healthy looking skin. Olive Squalane can boost these levels and regenerate skin.

💧Meadowfoam Seed Oil - Rich in vitamins C and E, this oil helps fight free radicals and protects skin against sun damage. It is also quick absorbing and excellent for locking in moisture to act as a protective seal.

How To Use

Using glass dropper, administer oil onto desired area and massage into skin. Allow up to five minutes for skin to fully absorb. For external use only. Shake well. Love hard.


Sunflower Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Squalane Oil (Olive Based), Fragrance Oil (Phthalate Free) and Mica

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Customer Reviews

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Opening the third eye 👁️

This body oil really helps when you're meditating and trying to work with your third eye. I love that they used scents and crystals that actually work to help you work with your intuition! 11/10 would recommend anything from this shop! 💜

kalica calliope
divine intuition. 1.1.1

I've tried quite a few oils from lucid. and I've had some winners, (only one that didn't work out), but this one is in my definite top 2 or 3. I'm sorry like this is god tier right here like you listening lil mama? do. not. get. rid. of. this. scent. i. want. to. drown. in. it. (I'm actually not kidding if you get rid of this one I'll cry). literally one of the best damn oils (and if you were lucky enough to snag the bath potion, that too) and scents as a whole lucid has come up with. it's simple but POWERFUL. 😍

Ashley W.
Favorite Body Oil

I've used a lot of different oils from lucid living, but this one is my absolute favorite. It has an earthy myrrh scent and a woodsy frankincense aroma. It's not overpowering or too strong, but it does last for quite some time! I also love that it comes in a glass bottle—that way I can recycle it when I'm finished with the product!