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SELENE Bath & Body Oil

SELENE Bath & Body Oil

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This Queen of Night is fragranced with the sweet and sultry scents of Jasmine, to enhance psychic abilities, Fern, thought to expose evil sorcerers hiding in plain sight, and Lavender for healing in love. 

Using the glass dropper, administer oil onto desired area and massage into skin. Allow up to five minutes for skin to fully absorb. Add a few drops to bath water for silky hydration. Shake well. Love hard. 

The benefits of our body oils are many: easily absorbent, oils moisturize and hydrate the skin for longer and work with the body’s natural chemistry better than most traditional lotions, which may help to counteract oil-based blemishes and skin dehydration due to sweating. Perfect to bring on-the-go!

Infused with Amethyst Crystal Quartz Chips inside to help distribute the oils and shimmer while you shake it up! Amethyst helps soothe the mind and body to calm your nerves. Great to use before bed!

Sunflower Seed Oil. Rosehip Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Fragrance Oil (Phthalate Free) and Mica Colorant

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Customer Reviews

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Samantha Isler

SELENE Bath & Body Oil

kalica calliope
moonlit goddess of mine

selene is one of those fragrances that you just, you just NAILED. still one of my favorite scents; my first large bottle of LLC oil: it holds a special place in my heart and not to mention the fern, the lavender, and the jasmine makes everything feel as if I'm ready to perform my rituals. the other fun thing about this scent: it has helped people who were not mentally okay (at the moment) calm down after I rubbed it on their arms and had them breathe the smell in and take deep breaths. 👉🏻💗👈🏻

Love it

Love it and the slight tan it gives me

Smells divine 🌒🌕🌘

Blessed be! This blend is amazing. Makes me feel like a sexy night witch when I wear it. 10 or of 10. This company kills it evey time.

Gregory Fouty

Smells really good.