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Tree of Magick Bath Bomb in a Bag


Tree of Magick holds the secrets of nature. Fragranced with the oils of pine, orange blossom, violet and moss, it is like a crisp walk in the woods at the height of spring, thick with green and growing. Tree of Magick reminds us to breathe deep and set down roots. 

The trees are our primeval guardians. They are the keepers of the wisdom and knowledge of survival, without them humanity would not endure. The trees are our lungs, nurturing the ground with water gathered in their leaves, feeding both flora and fauna. They filter out the pollutants of the air and gift us with the oxygen we breathe. Witches, the stewards of nature, venerate these wise tree spirits. If you tune in, they will speak to you. 

Pine is strongly associated with cleansing, healing and energy. Pine is added to floor washes to ward off evil, and the needles are thrown into winter fires for protection.

Orange Blossoms are ultimate symbols of committed love, and sacred to the goddess Hera. 

Violet is a sedative used to calm the nerves, prevent accidents and increase happiness. 

Moss grows like a weed, but is a protective covering. It is used in magickal bags to keep one’s financial situation strong. 

Open the bag and pour the magic directly under running hot water. Sit back and relax while the bubbles arise. Watch the colors blend together and swish the water around to see Tree of Magick's full effect! 

• Net Wt. 12 oz Large bag (3-4 baths)

• Net Wt. 18 oz Extra Large Bag (4-6 baths)

**All of our products contain herbs and essential oils. Please consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from a health condition.** 

Sodium Bicarbonate,  Organic Citric Acid, Coconut Milk Powder (contains zero milk protein = 100% Vegan), Kaolin Clay, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Fragrance (Phthalate Free), Propylene Glycol, Fluorphogopite, and Mica

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