Vampire Body Butter

Formally called Love & Pain, this 1895 painting by Edvard Munch transports us to a scene of love’s biting embrace. A woman, shroud in shadow, is depicted with her mouth upon her partner’s neck, her lava-red hair streaming down her shoulders and overtaking the man, the brilliant color reminiscent of flowing life-blood. Although Munch himself felt the piece was merely a traditional depiction of a woman’s kiss upon the neck, others have offered more sinister interpretations, like man’s submission to a monstrous woman, a nod to the changing times. The posture of the subjects is both sensuous and perverse, suggesting the symbology of love is limitless, and inherently personal in nature. 

Vampire is fragranced with juicy Grapefruit, used for protection and virality under the moon, Sandalwood, to increase spiritual awareness, and Jasmine, for power in seduction. 

Topped with a Black Onyx crystal

A little goes a long way! This is best used on clean and dry skin, it can be applied after the shower, just be sure to towel dry your body before applying! Best used on dry patches of skin (etc. elbows, knees, hands, ankles) Please allow 10 minutes for skin to absorb this body butter.

**All of our products contain herbs and essential oils. Please consult a physician before use if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, or suffering from a health condition.** 

Shea Butter, Riesling Grapeseed Oil, Fragrance (Phthalate Free) Activated Charcoal and Mica