Familiar Spirit Bath & Body Oil

Familiar Spirit is blended with the sultry scents of divinatory Earl Grey, a favored leaf among tea readers, and loyal peach for happiness and longevity. The oil contains loving rose petals and clairvoyant cornflower. 

Directions: Using glass dropper, administer oil onto desired area and massage into skin. Allow up to five minutes for skin to fully absorb. For external use only. Shake well. Love hard. 

Packaged in a 2 oz (Half Size) or 4 oz (Full Size) reusable glass dropper bottle with an attached dropper.

Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Rose Petals, Cornflowers, Fragrance Oil (Phthalate Free) and Mica Colorant

Customer Reviews

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Amazing; like a peaceful rainy afternoon

Maybe some people don’t like rain, but I love it. And this scent reminds me of rain or curling up inside when it’s raining in the best possible way. It’s so wonderful. I feel like I can’t go wrong with any oil from Lucid Living. The smells are so powerful (in a good way). I can fix my mood just my treating myself to a mid-day slather of oil. Love it!

Peach Snapple 🍑

Ever since I saw familiar spirit’s scent described as a bottle of peach Snapple that’s all I can think when I put it on! I have so much love for this earthy beauty. This is one of my personal favorites I like to wear when I need to relax my mind 😌

My number one.

It’s as if I’m having tea with my old English relatives. This is the smell of comfort and feeling at home.

So Good I bought one for a friend!

Familiar Spirit is one of my favorites, I use it frequently and a friend of mine fell in love with the scent that I bought them one as a gift for their birthday, they loved it so much! def recommend !


I just received this along with some other bath products today, and it smells so unbelievably good! The earl grey is peppery and citrusy while the peach adds an incredible sweetness, and the cornflower and rose petals grant it a mellow floralness that ties the whole thing together into a beautiful, subtle, and delicious scent. It's extremely moisturizing but doesn't leave an oily film on your skin. It also came with shrink wrap on the lid which prevented any kind of leaks, and the packaging was extremely padded and secure, so there was no risk of the glass bottle breaking. Altogether, 10/10!