Let's talk about the Harvest Moon on September 29th

Let's talk about the Harvest Moon on September 29th


You might be asking, what is a harvest moon and why is it special compared to any other full moons? 🌕✨

Historically, this late September moon signaled the start of autumn and the beginning of the harvest for farmers before electricity became widely available. The moon’s glow illuminated fields so farmers could work later into the night, gathering the year’s crops for the winter.

In popular culture, it’s been immortalized in songs and linked to the coming of Halloween. Its a joyous occasion for celebration, giving thanks, and preparing for the tail end of the year.

For those wishing to celebrate this moon, gather crystals you wish to recharge, particularly ones that combat negativity and embrace mindfulness. Citrine and Amethyst are great choices along with malachite, obsidian, and moonstones. Lay them in a spot where the moonlight will grace them such as a window or simply outside in a safe area.

Of course, practice this full moon as you would other ones, use it for meditation, journaling, and taking a restorative bath. In need of something special to elevate your bath from the mundane to the magical?

We’ve got you covered for those long soothing soaks with our Harvest Moon Bath Potion. Ideal for a peaceful bath ritual that channels the somber essence of the moon. Scented with the autumnal scents of a birch forest and a smokey bonfire, you’ll even find a moonstone waiting for you!

Pour a few drops of our Harvest Moon Bath and Body Oil to give your skin and water an extra shine to match the moonlight. And don’t forget to light one of our signature candles such as our favorite Moon Mellow to give your bath a magical aura of tranquility.

We hope you find solace and rest when the Harvest Moon rises on September 29th, and check back for more tips, history, and fun as we go over future moons, astrological events, and more! Stay magical and we’ll see you soon! 🥰

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